Rehabilitation of Building Brought Positive Impact through the CFIDP Financial Assistant to the Aurora-Ventures Cooperative

The Aurora Agri-Ventures Producers Cooperative recently underwent a significant transformation with the rehabilitation of their new building. Made possible through the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Plan (CFIDP) in its Coconut Farmers Organization and Development through Cooperatives (COCOFARMCOOP) Program, this initiative has had a profound impact on the cooperative as well as their members. Mr. Noel N. Maquiniana, Supervisor of Aurora Agri Venture Producers Cooperative said that the construction provided them with a conducive place to work,efficient work operations and resiliency to external factors disruption.

Ms. Juliebeth D. Go, General Manager of Aurora Agri-Venture Producers Cooperative, stated that the rehabilitation of the new building has addressed several key aspects to create a conducive work environment for the coconut farmers. The facility design focused on maximizing natural light, ensuring proper ventilation, and optimizing the use of space. These improvements have contributed to increased productivity and improved the farmers’ overall well-being. Significantly, the new building shelters the coconut farmers during inclement weather conditions, allowing them to continue working anytime, boosting their productivity.

The reconstruction of the new building has gone beyond infrastructure improvements; it has empowered the coconut farmers and contributed to their socioeconomic development. The enhanced working environment has boosted the cooperative members’ morale, instilling a sense of pride and ownership. As a result, the cooperative has witnessed an increase in productivity and income levels, leading to improved livelihoods and economic stability for its members. 

The cooperative had been successfully producing coco peat and coco coir for local farmers and gardeners, meeting the demands of the nearby markets. However, as time passed, the members realized that their production capacity had surpassed the local demand. They saw an opportunity to expand their operations and tap into the international market through exportation. With their plan in place, the cooperative has now sought financial assistance from government institutions that supported agricultural initiatives such as DTI, PHilMech, PCA and CDA. They knew that entering the export market would require significant investment, enhanced infrastructure, and adherence to international quality standards. The cooperative also plans to register/ enroll their products in the CDA e-commerce platform “Co-opBiz” for further promotion of their products. 

The rehabilitation of the Aurora Agri-Ventures Producers Cooperative’s new building, made possible through the CFIDP-COCOFARMCOOP Program, has had a transformative impact on the lives of the cooperative members. The provision of a conducive work environment, the ability to work irrespective of weather conditions, and the contribution to their socioeconomic development have enhanced productivity, efficiency, and overall well-being. This initiative serves as a testament to the importance of infrastructure development in empowering agricultural communities and driving sustainable growth in the coconut industry.