In December 2021, the country faced another natural calamity Typhoon Odette (internationally named as “Rai”) which hit areas in Mindanao and Visayas. As the economic damages surmounts to levels not seen for couple of months, the cooperative sectors were also battered. No exception is their operations that was forced to nearly or actually close because of damaged cooperative properties, including also its members’ personal ones.

For the government to continuously help our people get back to their feet, the CDA has put forward the proposal for the recovery, rehabilitation and continuous development of cooperatives in all areas primarily affected by Typhoon Odette.

The Program will be dubbed as Special Assistance for Recovery and Alleviation Program. This will be designed to provide much needed assistance to micro cooperatives to getting back again their capacity to deliver quality services to its members, positively impacting to their business performance and operations despite devastation due to the said disaster.

Areas covered in this proposal are REGIONS 4B, VI, VII, VIII, X, CARAGA. The primary deliverable of this project is the financial assistance, the basis of which is the assessed amount of damage to cooperatives. The estimated cost for this project is Ten Million Pesos (Php10,000,000.00).

Identification of cooperative beneficiaries shall be undertaken by the CDA Regional Offices for endorsement and approval by the CDA Board. For the pre-determined target cooperatives, please see the list as provided below this article.

The financial assistance/grant shall be supported with project proposal, as minimum requirements, to be submitted by the cooperative aside from other documents in strict observation to government accounting and auditing rules and procedures.

List of Beneficiaries