CDA Region I EO

Cooperatives in Region 1 Goes Global

On July 7, 2022, the CDA Region 1 Extension Office successfully conducted an Orientation on the Co-op Biz through the Koop Balitaan held via Zoom and Facebook live streaming. A total of 287 participants from different cooperatives in Regions I and III attended the virtual orientation.

Division Chief Melissa C. Santos of the Cooperative Project Development and Assistance Division (CPDAD) presented the conceptualization of this CDA Global Project. The objectives of the new marketing platform were the following: to provide market opportunity for cooperatives both in domestic and international; to showcase the cooperative products globally; and, to establish market linkages/network for cooperatives.

In addition, Software Development Specialist of CDA Head Office (HO) Michael Libnao was tasked to explain how the Coop Biz works, including the registration process, uploading of photos of products, merchants information and other technical concerns. Virtual participants from the different cooperatives witnessed and learned through the actual simulation on how to use the new online marketing platform.

During the open forum, the participants were given the opportunity to raise their queries and other clarifications or issues which were addressed accordingly. (By: MCP/JLD – CPDAS)