CDA Region I EO


The Cooperative Development Authority Region I Extension Office (CDA R1 EO) Koop Balitaan webinar series took off for another topic entitled Parliamentary Procedure on March 24, 2022. CDA Head Office Attorney III Atty. James B. Fernandez attended the activity as the Resource Speaker.  Two Hundred One (201) cooperatives participated in the said webinar which started at 8:30 AM with an opening prayer; singing of the national anthem and Region 1 Hymn; and, reciting of the Cooperative Pledge.

In his Opening Remarks, Acting Regional Director Alberto Sabarias warmly welcomed the cooperatives, guests and participants. Immediately thereafter, CDA R1 EO Legal Officer Atty. Katherine F. Ellorin briefly introduced the speaker prior to the lecture proper.

Atty. James B. Fernandez comprehensively presented the Parliamentary Procedure. He further emphasized the relevance of having a basic knowledge of the procedure to cooperative officers and members. Essentially, he also elaborated that the procedure plays a key role in the maintenance of decorum, peace and order in the conduct of the meeting. In addition, Atty. Fernandez asserted that issues may be properly addressed; misunderstandings may be easily sorted out; or disagreements may be clarified when discussions are ensued in a democratic way by observing the procedure.

During the open forum, Atty. Fernandez diligently answered the queries and patiently listened to the cooperatives who shared their insights about the benefits and importance of following the procedure in the meeting of the Board and the General Assembly.

After two (2) hours of discussion, a certificate was presented to Atty. Fernandez in appreciation of the invaluable effort and service as Resource Speaker. Certainly, every beginning has its end; thus, the programme concluded with a Closing Remarks by Acting Supervising CDS Edilberto Unson at 12:00 noon. (Atty. Katherine F. Ellorin)