CHRLDC Building, Apo Sandawa Phase III, Kidapawan City, 9400, Cotabato,
Kidapawan - Singao Rd, Kidapawan City, Cotabato


Cooperative officers, members, leaders and representatives across the province of South Cotabato convened during the orientation and awareness on Cooperative union thru a Zoom Meeting on Monday, November 29, 2021.

“Unionism is protectionism”; Assistant Secretary Abdulsalam A. Guinomla, head of the cluster, stated in his message that unions serves as the voice of the unheard members and protects the right of every individual as it promotes equality and fairness.

Asec. Guinomla also encouraged the participants to support the efforts utilized by the authority in strengthening and organizing our cooperative union system for the sake of our cooperatives’ continuous existence.

To widen the participants knowledge about cooperative union, Atty. Frederick Joe Robles of CDA-Central Office presented the benefits, advantages and the reason why there is a need to establish/join a coop union in the region.

Atty. Robles elaborated that joining a coop union is a moral obligation as provided under the cooperative principles: a)  cooperation among cooperatives b) education, training and information and c) concern for community. He also added that coop union is the spirit or soul of the cooperative movement as the center of learning and research on cooperativism.

Mr. Sofronio Vale Talisic and Ms. Juliet V. Fuentes of Provincial Cooperative Union of Davao (PCU-Davao, the successful cooperative union in Tagum City, Davao Norte shared some of the union’s highlights, brief history, good practices, experiences, other activities and services.

Ms. Emilia M. Bair, Acting Chief of CDA Registration Section presented Memorandum Circular No. 2020-23 which is the Guidelines governing the Registration and Operation of Cooperative Unions. Ms. Bair also specified the Documentary requirements for Registration

The activity concluded with a closing message from CDA XII Acting Supervising CDS, Mark Ian G. Caseres. Mr. Caseres expressed his gratitude not only the  speakers but also the participants for attending the virtual forum, which aims to convey information, promotion of cooperative union especially in coops in South Cotabato.