CDA Caraga and NEMSU Explore Partnership to Empower Cooperative Training Providers

On July 20, 2023, a meeting took place between the Caraga Regional Director of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Monatao Honeya R. Alawi, and the President of North Eastern Mindanao State University (NEMSU), Nemesio Loayon. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the potential for a partnership between the two institutions to implement the Cooperative Training Providers’ trainers training program.

During the meeting, Director Alawi and President Loayon expressed their unwavering commitment to public service. Both leaders envision the transformative impact that their collaboration could bring, particularly in empowering Cooperative Training Providers across the region.

The proposed partnership between CDA Caraga and NEMSU seeks to bolster the existing trainers training program, making it more robust and effective. By combining CDA’s expertise in cooperative development with NEMSU’s educational prowess, the program aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of trainers, further equipping them to serve their communities and cooperatives effectively.

Director Alawi, leading the CDA Caraga team, commended NEMSU’s track record of academic excellence and community engagement, recognizing the university’s potential to be an invaluable partner in achieving their shared goals. President Loayon expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing NEMSU’s dedication to contributing to regional development through impactful partnerships.

The trainers training program is envisioned to play a vital role in building a capable and empowered workforce that can support and sustain cooperative initiatives in the region. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, the program aims to strengthen cooperative values and practices while promoting socio-economic growth in Caraga.

In conclusion, the meeting between CDA and NEMSU marks the beginning of a promising chapter in cooperative training and development. With a shared vision and unwavering dedication to the public good, this partnership has the potential to create a lasting impact, transforming lives and communities for generations to come.******