By Lourd Anthony O. Dollano, SR. CDS/Disposal Team Leader

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Caraga Extension Office has finally been able to undertake its first-ever disposal of valueless records through SALE to Accredited Buyer of NAP. The said disposal is the implementation of the Authority to Dispose of Records issued by NAP last November 18,2022 with Authority No. AM-2022-270 and is being witnessed by the Authorized Representatives from the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP), Commission on Audit (COA) and the members of the Disposal Team of this Office with the presence of Regional Director Monatao Honeya R. Alawi.

After series of follow-ups made to the request sent last August 17, 2022, the Authority has finally received a letter of notification from NAP last November 17, 2023, informing this Office that the Archivist I is scheduled to inspect, supervise, and witness the actual disposal of the valueless records on November 23, 2023. Further provided therein that the disposal shall be carried-out with the presence of the Authorized Representatives from the Commission on Audit (COA) and CDA Caraga Disposal Team and the Regional Director.

At exactly 10:00 AM of November 23, 2023, the disposal proper started wherein boxes properly labelled with the required information of the records for disposal were inspected by the Authorized Representatives. After which, the boxes were weighed by the labor force of D’ Lacoste Enterprise, the Accredited Buyer of NAP. The valueless records disposed weighed 2,534 kgs with a buying price of P2.29/kg.

The disposal of the valueless records of this Office that were appraised and found valueless and disposable for having reached the prescribed retention periods and complied with the provisions of GRDS series of 2009 has cleared out our records/archival room from valueless and disposable records and has increased availability of space for archiving records that have not yet reached its retention period.