Celebrating Unity and Excellence: The 5th Dinagat Islands Cooperative Congress

The Province of Dinagat Islands Chorale and the Province of Dinagat Islands Band enchanted the audience with their melodious tunes, serving as a prelude to the remarkable event that was about to unfold.

With a warm welcome, Rico B. Galinato, the Chairperson of the Provincial Cooperative Development Council (PCDC) and Provincial Agriculturist, officially commenced the proceedings. He spoke passionately about the cooperative movement and its vital role in the Province’s progress, setting the stage for a day filled with inspiring discussions and shared insights.

Hon. Ali P. Adlawan, a Provincial Board Member and the Committee Chair on Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s), extended his warmest greetings to the attendees. His message emphasized the importance of cooperation among various stakeholders and highlighted the Province’s commitment to fostering a strong cooperative environment.

The DICE Multipurpose Cooperative (MPC) graced the stage with a vibrant dance presentation that showcased their talents.

Mr. Loejun Y. Patual, Cooperative Development Specialist II, took a moment to acknowledge the valuable contributions of all the participants. Their presence and commitment to the cooperative movement were essential to the success of the event.

Mr. Alvin B. Dela Cruz, from the Provincial Cooperative Development Office (PCDO), provided a comprehensive overview of the current cooperative situation in Dinagat Islands. His insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing cooperatives in the province.

Hon. Benglen B. Ecleo, the Vice Governor of Dinagat Islands, delivered an inspiring message highlighting the Province’s dedication to cooperative development. His words resonated with hope and determination, setting the tone for a brighter cooperative future.

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Regional Director, Monatao Honeya R. Alawi, sent her regards through Mr. Azur D. Atos Jr., Cooperative Development Specialist II of Dinagat Islands. Her message emphasized the role of CDA in supporting cooperative growth and sustainability

Hon. Felimon M. Espares, a Representative in the 19th Congress, sent his representative, Mr. Sanny Seco, to share his insights. His address underlined the legislative support for cooperatives and their pivotal role in economic development.

The Congressional Office also sent its representative, Mr. Aljay Marayan, to deliver a keynote address. His words reiterated the commitment of the legislative branch to creating an enabling environment for cooperatives to thrive.

In a moment of honor and celebration, Mr. Alvin B. Dela Cruz recognized the outstanding achievements of cooperative members through the Ruben E. Ecleo Sr. Bayanihan Cooperative Special Awards with cash and trophy to all cooperative category the micro, small, medium and large. The awardees’ dedication and contribution to the cooperative movement were celebrated with enthusiasm.

APCDO Porferio Q. Portullano expressed his gratitude to all attendees, participants, and organizers for their unwavering support and commitment to the cooperative cause. His closing message left everyone inspired and motivated to continue their cooperative journey.

Part II: 

Breakout Session Workshop 1. EL NIÑO Plan of Action

Join us for a crucial workshop led by Mr. Buenaventura M. Maata Jr., PhD., where we will delve into the El Niño Plan of Action. With climate change posing significant challenges to agriculture and livelihoods, it’s essential to be prepared for extreme weather events like El Niño.

In this workshop, participants will gain a deep understanding of El Niño and its impacts on Dinagat Islands, explore strategies for mitigating the effects of El Niño on cooperative activities, learn how to develop a comprehensive El Niño Plan of Action tailored to their cooperative’s needs and identify resources and support available for cooperative resilience during El Niño events.

Breakout Session Workshop 2: BIR Compliance and Taxation for Cooperatives

Cooperatives play a vital role in the economic landscape, and understanding taxation and compliance is crucial for their success. Join representatives from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for an informative workshop on BIR compliance and taxation specific to cooperatives.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the tax obligations and exemptions applicable to cooperatives, gain insights into proper record-keeping and documentation for tax compliance, Understand the importance of timely filing and payment of taxes and have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any tax-related concerns. This workshop is designed to demystify taxation for cooperatives, ensuring that they can navigate tax regulations confidently and efficiently while maximizing their benefits and exemptions.