Cooperative Development Officer of Agusan del Norte: A Soon Reality

Last February 28, 2024 CDA  Caragaheaded by the Regional Director, Monatao Honeya R. Alawi together with the Civil Service Commission represented by Mr. Melven S. Perez, the Committee on Human Resource Development, Labor and Employment of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Agusan del Norte headed by the Chair Hon. Francisco Y. Chan, Jr. had convened a meeting to discuss updates on the proposed recommendation which is to create the Provincial Cooperatives Development Office (PCDO) in the province of Agusan del Norte defining its organization structure, and to appropriate the necessary funds for its implementation.

According to Mr. Perez, before the advent of RA 11535, the creation of CDO in the municipalities, cities and provinces, is just optional but now, upon the implementation of the said RA it is now mandatory although the budget is still depending on the availability of funds for the positions created therein.

On the presentation of the positions to be filled in, it was emphasized by Dir. Alawi to double check the correct position and its parenthetical counterpart so as not to create confusion on the side of the cooperative sector.

In the end, the meeting was very successful and very positive as to the realization of the creation of the office, after all, the ones that we will most benefit out from this effort are the cooperatives.