Farewell tribute to Senior CDS Leopoldo B. Cabiad: gratitude and good wishes to a fulfilling journey ahead!

In a heartfelt tribute, the CDA Region XIII Extension Office pays homage to Leopoldo B. Cabiad, a Senior Cooperative Development Specialist, for his remarkable contributions throughout his note-worthy career and well-deserved retirement. With an unwavering commitment of 36 years in public service, Sir Cabiad epitomized an exceptional tenure of 28 years primarily within the Cooperative Development Authority Region XIII Extension Office, showcasing his tireless dedication.

Nevertheless, Sr. CDS Cabiad humbly acknowledged that working in a public office entails certain remunerations and privileges that are incidental to the job. He expressed his gratitude by stating that he doesn’t require thanks because the favor and honor lie with him. Beyond the professional sphere, he emphasized the fulfilling advantage of earning the public’s trust, an invaluable aspect of his journey.