By Harold I. Garrido, CDS II

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Agusan del Norte, through the initiative of Board Member Francisco Y. Chan Jr., the Chairman of the Committee on Cooperatives of this legislative body has recently reviewed the ordinance instituting the Provincial Cooperative Development Council (PCDC) in the Province of Agusan del Norte. It can be noted that last March 30, 2020 PCDC was re-established giving recognition of the Provincial Cooperative Development Council of the province with the inclusion of its composition, roles, functions, office and budget.

The creation of the PCDC is reinforced and encouraged by the Cooperative Development Authority- Caraga Regional Office to facilitate the local government’s support to the cooperative sector. Its reactivation will hopefully spin off the setting up of the councils in the municipalities, the MCDCs in the province.

Apart from its recognition the council has to work on the implementation of its purpose of existence, thus, a Strategic Development Planning was hosted and sponsored by the Council with the financial help provided by the Office of the Board Member Francisco Y. Chan.

This activity was participated by the cooperatives in Agusan del Norte, PCDO Officers and CDOs, Representatives from the line agencies with cooperative concerns, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Technical Staff, and the CDA-Caraga Technical Team.

The participation of the different government agencies gave them the chance to advocate their services to the cooperative sector. The encounter also enables and strengthens partnership among the cooperatives and related agencies of the local government. Government agencies attending were: BFAR, DENR, DBP, DTI, and DAR.

The JMC 2019-01 signed by CDA and DILG is a joint memorandum circular which stipulates the organization, development and promotion of cooperatives in the local government units at all levels. This enabling act facilitates networking and partnerships among government agencies for the development and growth of primary cooperatives.

The 10 year Strategic Development Plan of the Provincial Coop Development Council (PCDC) envisions that by the year 2030, the council and its office will be fully functional and operational. It will conduct activities in support to the development and growth of cooperatives in the Province. These include, among others: capacity-building trainings for coops, assessment of dying cooperatives with the goal of re-activating and reviving them, connecting coops to line agencies and facilitating that project proposals are submitted and approved, thereby, creating partnerships towards economic ventures. Conduct of a Provincial Congress is planned every two years, and annual recognition of note-worthy coops in a Provincial Gawad Parangal annually, PCDC and CDCs election of officers and council meetings, creation of PCDO with appointed/designated officer with office and funds.
Mission Vision Values

To assist and provide technical guidance, financial assistance and other support services, establish linkages, for Cooperatives to attain sustainability and self-reliance.


Ang PCDC sa Agusan del Norte usa ka lig-on nga konseho nga maoy maghatag giya sa mga kooperatiba aron mahimong malambuon, malahutayon ug andam mosagop sa mga kabag-ohan.


–  xemplary organization leading a
–  ransparent governance and management of members, cooperatives, and affiliates
–  aving a common goal and
–  nterest in achieving development with
–  oncern for the community striving for viability and
–  ustainable growth

Eric Phully, member of the staff of SP Chan shared the Provincial Ordinance 549-2020 with the present amendments that incorporate sections that stipulate budget allocation and designation of a development officer for the establishment of an office.

Cooperative Development Councils operate to complement with the Authority (CDA), the local government, and other consultative bodies created to support cooperatives. It is a multi-sectoral network that collaborates to implement programs, projects in consultation and coordination with the cooperatives.