Strengthening Collaborative Progress: CDA-MCDO Confluence Day!

In a splendid display of partnership, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Satellite Office in Dapa-SDN, under the guidance of CDS Max Angelo C. Savandal, joined hands with the Municipal Cooperative Development Office (MCDO), led by the esteemed Doc. Jovito S. Gambong. Their joint efforts bore fruit in the form of a successful event titled “KOOP KAMUSTAHAN: A DAY WITH MCDO AND CDA” This gathering aimed to reflect upon the collective achievements of both the agency and the local government in propelling the cooperative movement forward, while fostering stronger bonds with the cooperative sector in the region.

The heart of this event was the “Koop Kamustahan” held at the Children’s Playground Function Hall in Brgy. 6, Dapa, Surigao del Norte. With a spirit of unity, the event saw the enthusiastic participation of eight (8) cooperatives:

  1. Dapa Aquamarine and Fishermen Coopeartive (DAFCO)
  2. Dapa Agriculture Coopertaive (DACO)
  3. Dapa Hospital Employees Multipurpose Cooperative
  4. Dapa Municipal Employees Multipurpose Cooperative
  5. Happy Valle Agriculture Cooperative (HAVACO)
  6. Metro Siargao Water District Employees Consumers Cooperative
  7. 2nd Surigao del Norte Engineering District Multipurpose Cooperative (SSNED MPC)
  8. Fishermen Cooperative of Consolacion (FISH COOP)

Underlying the vibrant discussions were two primary objectives: to elicit comprehensive updates from the nine registered cooperatives regarding their overall operations and management, and to provide a platform for the latest insights from the Cooperative Development Authority and the Municipal Cooperative Development Office-Dapa.

This collaborative symphony echoed with the spirit of progress, innovation, and mutual growth. As the sun set over the tranquil landscapes of Dapa, Surigao del Norte, the Confluence Day stood as a testament to the power of unity in advancing the cooperative movement and nurturing an environment ripe for development.  *************