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Empowering Local Industries: A Successful Packaging and Labeling Seminar for Cooperatives of Rizal Province

In a combined effort of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) through its Rizal Field Office, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Rizal Provincial Office, and University of Rizal System Morong, a Packaging and Labeling Seminar for Cooperatives in Rizal Province was held on March 12, 2024 at Audio Visual Center, University Rizal System, Barangay San Juan, Morong, Rizal. This significant event aimed to capacitate and empower the local cooperatives, promote effective packaging and labeling strategies, and enhance products and services.

Facilitators Ms. Jeramel Valdez, the Provincial Cooperative Development Specialist of CDA Rizal Field Office, and Ms. Jennefer Jeazon Medina, Science Research Specialist II of DOST Rizal Provincial Office, hosted the seminar. Assistant Regional Director Bernadette Preciosa G. Hornilla expressed gratitude to cooperatives for their enthusiastic response and thanked DOST and URS for their partnership in the initiative.

Before the activity started, Ms. Celeste Castro took the opportunity to promote some CDA Programs and Initiatives particularly the CDA Koop Kapatid program and CoopBiz since it was an opportune time to do so as the audience is a mixture of micro, small, medium, and large cooperatives with products offering.

Ms. Hornilla encouraged the participants to be diligent in having good quality products and services which would also give them a sense of pride, emphasizing the impact on both the community and the cooperative members. She stressed the importance of cooperative members being proud contributors to their cooperative’s success.

ARD Hornilla also added that attractive packaging plays a crucial role in enticing customers which will lead to increased sales and market presence. She also shared her experience in Korea wherein the Koreans take pride in their locally-made products with attractive packaging and labeling.

Dr. Xenia B. Canale, the Campus Director of URS Morong, extended a warm welcome to all participants. In her message, she expressed genuine interest and appreciation for the event and stressed the University’s commitment to supporting such impactful activities.

Dr. Canale conveyed the URS Morong Campus’s willingness to assist with initiatives of such for the local industries of Rizal province. She also expressed her intentions to organize a similar seminar for URS Morong students. A positive forward-thinking that will greatly benefit the students and future entrepreneurs of Rizal.

The first speaker, Mr. R-Jay Salabao of DOST, discussed the importance of good packaging and the various types suitable for different products. He highlighted that packaging should align with the nature and characteristics of the product, ultimately influencing the purchasing choices of consumers.

Ms. Una Grace Dollete, the Senior Science Research Specialist of DOST Rizal Provincial Office, discussed the significance of labeling and its contents. She emphasized the importance of providing accurate and appealing information through packaging which also serves as a marketing strategy of the cooperatives.

The seminar also included an open forum where participants had the opportunity to address their concerns and seek advice related to packaging and labeling. Cooperatives were encouraged to bring in sample products and packaging for expert evaluation and constructive feedback.

Ms. Medina closed the event by sharing the existence of the convergence team in Rizal Province, composed of various agencies such as CDA, DOST, DOLE, TESDA, DAR, and DTI. This collaboration ensures that if one agency cannot fulfill a cooperative’s request, other agencies may step in, showcasing a united effort toward the development of small and medium enterprises in the province.

The seminar was attended by 15 cooperatives from Rizal province with 10 male and 21 female participants.

In conclusion, the Packaging and Labeling Seminar in Morong, Rizal is a collective effort that is perceived to have a positive outcome. Through effective packaging and labeling, these cooperatives are poised to attract more customers and elevate the quality and recognition of their products on the local and global stage.

Ms. Celeste M. Castro of CDA R4A discussing the CoopBiz and Koop Kapatid Program of CDA
Mr. R-Jay Salabao and Ms. Una Grace Dollete of DOST Rizal and the participants during the seminar
CDA R4A Assistant Regional Director, Bernadette Preciosa Hornilla, giving her message to the participants