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Bringing Hope and Healing: The Story of San Jose’s First Hemodialysis Center of Mindoro Occidental Premier Medical Group Multipurpose Cooperative (MOPMGMPC), CSF Member

In the town of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, the number of patients suffering from End-stage Renal Disease (ESRD) has been steadily increasing. As a result, the need for hemodialysis, a form of renal replacement therapy, has become crucial for these individuals. However, the geographical location of San Jose, surrounded by saltwater in the past, has made it challenging for patients to access hemodialysis centers. Many patients were forced to travel for 4-6 hours to reach the nearest facility or settle for hemodialysis sessions in far-flung areas, often requiring them to undergo treatment only twice or thrice a week.

Recognizing the dire situation faced by these patients, Mindoro Occidental Premier Medical Group Multipurpose Cooperative (MOPMGMPC) a health service cooperative recognized the situation in the area. Among the cooperative’s top priorities was the establishment of a hemodialysis center. However, due to limited funding and ongoing amortization payments for the machines in their polyclinic, the cooperative was initially hesitant to pursue this project. The demand for a local hemodialysis center, however, became increasingly urgent, as the condition of the patients continued to deteriorate. Their primary concern was to receive treatment in a place where they could be with their families and experience convenience.

Despite the challenges, the cooperative decided to take a leap of faith. They recognized that the establishment of a hemodialysis center was not only a crucial need for the community but also aligned with their mission and vision as a health service cooperative. To secure the necessary funding, they approached the Occidental Mindoro Credit Surety Fund Cooperative and were able to borrow three million pesos (P3,000,000.00). This financial support enabled them to start their hemodialysis center on September 3, 2017, with four patients and four hemodialysis units.

Since its inception, the center has made a significant impact on the community. After just one year of operation, they are now catering thirty (30) patients and planning to register three additional hemodialysis machines to accommodate even more patients. The cooperative takes great pride in the fact that they were able to make this life-saving treatment accessible and affordable for the residents of San Jose. They attribute their success to the support they received from the Occidental Mindoro Credit Surety Fund Cooperative, which played a vital role in turning their vision into a reality.

As the first hemodialysis center in town, the cooperative has not only provided much-needed medical care but has also brought hope to the patients and their families. The ability to receive treatment locally has alleviated the burden of long-distance travel and allowed patients to be surrounded by their loved ones during this challenging time. The cooperative remains committed to its mission of providing quality healthcare services and will continue to explore ways to expand and enhance their offerings in the future.

Heartfelt expression of gratitude from the cooperative, as they acknowledge the support and assistance, they received from the Occidental Mindoro Credit Surety Fund Cooperative and the community as a whole. Through their collaboration, they have made a significant difference in the lives of those affected by ESRD in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.