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“Halagang Tulong Tungo sa Pagbangon”: Centrum MPC’s Heartfelt Effort to Support Members Affected by Typhoon Odette



Centrum Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Barangay Malusak, Boac, Marinduque

“Halagang Tulong Tungo sa Pagbangon”: Centrum MPC’s Heartfelt Effort to Support Members Affected by Typhoon Odette

When supertyphoon Odette slammed Marinduque in December 2021, the sixty-four (64) members of Centrum Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Malusak, Boac, Marinduque were among the worst affected. Many of them experienced catastrophic emotional and economic losses. However, the cooperative did not leave their members to face the terrible event alone. Instead, they established the “Halagang Tulong Tungo sa Pagbangon” project, which serves as a source of support and hope for its members.

The project’s goal was to offer additional funds to supplement the cooperative’s emergency loans to its members. The cooperative was able to fund this project through the Special Assistance for Recovery and Alleviation Program (SARA Program), which received a grant of Php 50,000.00 from the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in April 2022. This prize enabled normal cooperative members to become project recipients.

Members affected by the calamity could apply for an emergency loan of Php 5,000.00 under this program. They could also apply for another Php 5,000.00 loan based on their level of financial need, with priority given to those in desperate need. This effort gave much-needed assistance to members who were affected by the calamity and assisted them in recovering from their losses.

Despite the challenges that were experienced during project execution, such as the lack of forms specifically designed for the project and the ordering of members for loans, the Board of Directors worked persistently to develop a centralized scheme to streamline the application process for members. This decision emphasized the cooperative’s commitment to serve its members, even in the face of difficulties.

The General Manager, Ariel M. Peñaroyo, expressed profound appreciation to the Authority and other organizations supporting the ISARAP. “Our heartfelt gratitude for the financial assistance that we have received. It has made a significant impact on our members. That financial assistance has been instrumental in helping us to overcome the challenges that we have been facing.” He added, “We are deeply grateful for your continued support and for believing in our cooperative vision and mission. Thank you and more power.”

Centrum MPC’s “Halagang Tulong Tungo sa Pagbangon” program provides hope to its members who have been afflicted by natural disasters. The project not only provided financial support, but it also provided them with the motivation and courage to overcome their obstacles. It demonstrates the power and resilience of Marinduque’s cooperative sector, and we applaud Centrum MPC for their everlasting commitment to its members. Initiatives like this are what keep the cooperative spirit alive and growing throughout the country during these difficult times.