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Rising Above Adversity: The Story of Resilience of Sabang Sea Ferry Multipurpose Cooperative

In the face of adversity, the Sabang Sea Ferry Multipurpose Cooperative has showcased unwavering resilience, emerging stronger than ever after being devastated by the powerful typhoon Odette. This inspiring cooperative, which operates a tourism service business, faced significant challenges when their motorized banca fleet was severely damaged by the destructive forces of nature.

However, their story took a turn for the better when the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) extended a much-needed lifeline. Through the Special Assistance for Recovery and Alleviation Program or the SARA Program, the CDA provided the Sabang Sea Ferry Multipurpose Cooperative with a financial grant of Php 100,000. This grant was specifically designated for the repair and purchase of new motorized bancas, crucial assets for their tourism operations.

Armed with determination and the support of the grant, the cooperative embarked on a journey of rebuilding and transformation. The members of the Sabang Sea Ferry Multipurpose Cooperative rallied together, leveraging their collective skills, expertise, and community spirit to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. Through careful planning and efficient utilization of resources, the cooperative successfully repaired their damaged bancas and acquired new ones, restoring their capacity to provide reliable transportation services to tourists visiting the scenic Sabang area. This not only revitalized their tourism service business but also contributed to the economic growth of the local community.

The story of Sabang Sea Ferry Multipurpose Cooperative serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the impact of collaborative efforts. It exemplifies the transformative potential of financial assistance programs like SARA, provided by the CDA, in enabling cooperatives to rebuild and thrive.

Today, the cooperative stands tall as a symbol of resilience, with their renewed fleet of bancas serving as a beacon of hope and a testament to the indomitable spirit of cooperative resilience. Despite the setbacks caused by Typhoon Odette, the Sabang Sea Ferry Multipurpose Cooperative refused to be defeated, proving that with determination and support, they could overcome any obstacle.