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LGU Basud Recognizes for Outstanding Commitment to Cooperatives in 2023 Gawad Parangal Awards


Manila, Philippines – In a prestigious ceremony held at the Manila Hotel on October 13, 2023, the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) honored the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Basud for its unwavering dedication and support to cooperatives, recognizing its substantial contributions to the cooperative movement’s progress.

The 2023 Gawad Parangal Awarding Ceremonies brought together leaders, officials, and stakeholders from the cooperative sector to celebrate exemplary efforts and achievements in cooperative development across the nation. Among the distinguished recipients was the LGU of Basud, recognized for its exceptional commitment and notable contributions to cooperative advancement.

The LGU of Basud has long been a stalwart supporter of cooperative initiatives within its jurisdiction. Through strategic policies and collaborative efforts, the local government has nurtured and empowered cooperatives, fostering an environment conducive to their growth and success. This recognition from the CDA underscores the LGU’s continuous endeavors to uplift the cooperative sector.

Mayor Adrian Davoco, the esteemed leader of LGU Basud, expressed profound gratitude and pride for the award bestowed upon their community. “We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious recognition from the Cooperative Development Authority. It reaffirms our dedication to fostering a cooperative-friendly environment and supporting the cooperative movement’s vital role in our community’s socio-economic development,” Mayor Davoco remarked.The LGU of Basud has actively championed programs that promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and sustainable development through cooperatives. By providing training, financial assistance, and facilitating cooperative partnerships, the LGU has empowered countless cooperatives, enabling them to thrive and make a meaningful impact on their members and the community at large.

The cooperative movement plays a critical role in national development, advocating for economic inclusivity and fostering self-reliance among Filipinos. The recognition of LGU Basud underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between government entities and cooperatives, showcasing the collective strides towards a more cooperative-centric economic landscape.This recognition serves as an inspiration and a testament to the LGU Basud’s commitment to supporting cooperatives, encouraging other local government units to emulate similar initiatives that prioritize and uplift the cooperative sector.

As the cooperative movement continues to evolve and expand its reach, the LGU of Basud remains steadfast in its mission to empower cooperatives and promote their growth, further contributing to the nation’s cooperative-driven progress.

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