“The youth is the hope of the motherland.”
Jose Rizal

Cooperative Development Authority recognizes the talent of the young at the same time training them to understand cooperatives. The On the Job Trainees (OJT) from the University of Cebu(UC) who are taking their practicum at CDA Region 7 participated in the celebration of thanksgiving to Seńor Sto. Nińo, a cultural practice of the devotees in the office. Their participation in the activity is being expressed by one of the students, Jehan Cabase, who graciously took the time to share her thoughts and experience.

This opportunity is given to them for understanding the meaning of cooperation and the same time camaraderie and social behavior.


By Jehan Cabase

19th of January 2024, the students from the University of Cebu brought a contagious energy that made their presentation a vibrant and happy event at Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Region VII. The atmosphere is filled with excitement as we showcase our talent and creativity. It successfully captivated the attention of everyone and made them feel the vibe of Fiesta of Seṅor Sto. Niño. It became more joyous and engaging as we passed the Image of Sto. Nino to CDA regional director, Ms. Cristina H. Villamil and assistant regional director, Ms. Gloria V. Barrido, and joining us in the festivities. It was an unexpected moment yet at the same time overwhelming.

Creating this kind of memorable experience made us feel the vibrancy of the Sinulog. Hearing the laughter together with the music is unforgettable. It brings colors to CDA, wherein it solidifies that a workplace is not just a place to work but also a place that can be both productive and joyous with shared moments.