The CDA RO 8 conducts another productive workshop for the cooperatives on the submission of its Annual Mandatory Reports on April 18, 2023. The Supervision and Examination Section (SES), as the head facilitator of the workshop, invited cooperative representatives with the help of the Office’s Field Cooperative Development Specialists (FCDS) and scheduled them for a one-day workshop at the CDA Tacloban Extension Office, 3rd Floor Conference Hall to be assisted in submitting their CY 2022 mandatory reports. This has been a yearly initiative of the CDA Regional Office 8 to extend technical assistance to reach full cooperative compliance, and to guide them with this year’s submission of annual reports. This can now be done in two ways, (1) the Online system, Cooperative Assessment Information System (CAIS), and (2) the Alternative Mode, Offline CAPR.

This is also to assist the cooperatives in updating their information using the Electronic Cooperative Registration Information System (E-CoopRIS), for those who have not accessed it yet, and to be able to proceed to the encoding and submitting their mandatory reports for the issuance of Certificate of Compliance (COC). Through this CDA also creates awareness for the cooperatives that the Offline Mode is available to help coops with difficulties in network connection in their areas.

The workshop focused orientations on both the online and offline modes, hands-on application including accessing, account creation for the online mode, downloading for the offline mode, encoding, and submission the CY 2022 reports.

“Thank you CDA for helping us out. This workshop truly helps us access the CAIS, receive clear instructions, and finally being able to submit our reports.”, said one of the cooperative representatives present during the workshop. The CDA RO 8 is indeed aiming for compliance which will truly help the cooperatives continue its aspirations to grow its business, its socio-civic activities, provide investment opportunities or even employment, and attain collaborative progress.