Coop Youth in Motion: CDA R8 “Coop Youth Power Run”

CDA Region VIII Tacloban City – pulled off a successful conduct of its first-ever Coop  Youth Power Run on October 7, 2023, at the RTR Plaza. 

Youth members are the future of cooperatives, and their engagement is pivotal for the longevity and vitality of these organizations. Engaging young people not only ensures  a smooth transition of leadership but also injects fresh energy, and enthusiasm into  the cooperative movement. To achieve this, cooperatives must create opportunities  for youth members to actively participate and take ownership of their roles within the  organization. Thus, the Cooperative Development Authority spearheaded organizing  a cooperative youth fun run with PHCCI-MPC Tacloban as co-organizer. This event  was not just about running; it was about fostering teamwork, and collaboration,  instilling a sense of responsibility, and nurturing leadership qualities among the youth.  It seamlessly blended physical activity with cooperative principles and values,  encouraging active participation from our young members. 

The participating cooperatives were from ACDI MPC, Bombero Ha Rehiyon Otso  Consumers Cooperative (BHOCC), Babatngon Transport Cooperative  (BATRANSCO), Leyte National High School Multipurpose Cooperative (LNHS MPC),  Divine Mercy Multipurpose Cooperative (DMMPC), Pope Francis Community  Consumers Cooperative (POFRACOCO), Bestfriends MPC, STELLAR MPC, DAREA  MPC, and United Leymar Transport Cooperative (ULTC) that joined the activities laid  out for the day. Key representatives from CDA Region VIII, PHCCI, and the Tacloban City CDO  graced the occasion. 

The day commenced with great enthusiasm, featuring spirited team cheers from the  participating cooperatives, setting a lively tone for the event. This was followed by a  dynamic Zumba warm-up and the eagerly anticipated group run. 

Participating teams began their route from RTR Plaza, moving through downtown  Tacloban via Justice Romualdez Street, Senator Enage Street, and Magsaysay  Boulevard before returning to the starting point. Personnel from TOMECO and TACRU  were present to guide and ensure the safety of participants and the public throughout  the group run. 

The spirit of cooperation among participants was evident during the games segment,  as teams from different cooperatives came together to ensure fairness, bridging the gap when some teams had fewer members. These collaborations left a lasting  impression and took us back to the fundamentals of cooperation, reaffirming our  commitment to cooperative principles and values.  Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, Bombero Ha Rehiyon Otso Consumers  Cooperative (BHOCC) emerged as the overall winner, while ACDI MPC and DAREA  MPC garnered the 2nd and 3rd place respectively. 


No power interruption can hamper the active participation of the attendees. This  remarkable feat was made possible thanks to the invaluable support from PHCCI-MPC  Tacloban, ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative (ACDI MPC), OWWA Region VIII,  Members Church of God International (MCGI), Benabaye Multipurpose Cooperative  (BMPC), RELTRANSCO, the Province of Leyte, and Tacloban City LGU. Their  generosity and assistance played a pivotal role in ensuring the event’s success.  Special appreciation goes to OWWA Region VIII, PHCCI – MPC Tacloban, ACDI MPC,  Benabaye MPC, RELTRANSCO, and MCGI for their generous support in supplying  the generator set, sound system, grand and consolation prizes, water and light  breakfast.

This initiative is just one part of a series of activities organized by the CDA Region VIII  Extension Office as part of this year’s Cooperative Month celebration.