Pioneering Regional Orientation: Empowering CMPL and Agriculture Cooperative Beneficiaries in CDA Region VIII

March 1, 2024, at Hotel Lorenza, Tacloban City, CDA Region VIII hosted the 1st Regional Orientation on the Consumers, Marketing, Producers Logistics and Agriculture Cooperatives Cluster for beneficiaries of Region VIII. The CMPL Cooperatives Cluster, having identified 15 beneficiaries, introduced the “Micro & Small CMPL Cooperatives Start -Up Livelihood Capital Assistance Project” while the Agriculture Cooperatives Cluster with 10 identified beneficiaries proposed the “Capability Enhancement of Micro Agriculture Cooperatives through Cooperative Development Project.” The objectives of the orientation are multifaceted, aiming to address various aspects of project implementation and support for cooperative beneficiaries, including building awareness, capacity and partnerships necessary for successful execution and sustainability.

The distinguished attendees at the event included Asec. Pendatun B. Disimban, CDA Assistant Secretary/ Board Member III, Head, Consumers, Marketing, Producers, Logistics Cooperatives Cluster (CMPL Coops Cluster), Asec. Virgilio R. Lazaga, M.D., CDA Assistant Secretary/ Board Member III, Head, Agriculture, Agrarian, Aquaculture, Farmers, Dairy and Fisherfolk Cooperatives Cluster, Asec. Abdulsalam A. Guinomla, CDA Assistant Secretary/ Board Member III, Head, Education, Advocacy and Union Cooperatives Cluster, Mr. Andy Nestor Ryan Pazon, CMPL SAO Vice President, Mr. Nestor P. Carlon, CMPL RCO 8 President, Mr. Frank Roy Ribo, Agriculture RCO 8 President, RD. Venus M. Jornales, CDA Regional Director. A total of fifty -four (54) participants from the cooperative beneficiaries attended the orientation. To ensure effective execution and meaningful impact of these projects, a comprehensive approach is essential. The two projects serve as a critical step in this process, providing a platform for cooperative beneficiaries to engage, collaborate and address important issues relevant to the projects.

The activity is led by the Cooperative Project Development and Assistance Section (CPDAS) which is responsible for overseeing and driving the activities associated with the projects, indicating a central and guiding role in the project’s implementation. Mr. Rowan L. Delos Santos, Sr. CDS, took the initiative to provide a thorough orientation to the beneficiaries. The focus of this orientation was on the accreditation requirements for availing assistance from the CDA. MC 2022- 20, Revised Guidelines on Accreditation of Cooperative Applying as Beneficiary of CDA – Administered Grants and Donations Involving Public Funds and Properties and MC 2022 -12, Guidelines on the Release of Financial Assistance/Grant to Micro and Small Cooperatives for Recovery and Alleviation were disseminated to the 15 identified cooperative beneficiaries. The forms and templates were also provided to them for proper filling up on the needed information based on the assistance/grant. This implies
that beneficiaries were given a detailed understanding of the criteria and processes involved in seeking support.

Mr. Andy Nestor Ryan Pazon, CMPL SAO Vice President, played a role in concluding the event with an inspiring closing message. The participants were left with a positive and motivational message, and were encouraged to remain engaged and committed to the projects.The event, concluded at 11:30 AM, indicating a well-organized and time-managed activity.