Room 411, 4th Floor Annex Building, Lyman Ogilby Centrum, 358 Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City


The future CDA-CAR office building site is located along the stretch of Longlong, La Trinidad National Road, 3 kms away from Baguio City’s Central Business

The CDA-CAR office building will be on the rise after the President of the Benguet State University, Dr. Felipe S. Comila and Regional Director of CDA-CAR, Atty. Franco G. Bawang Jr. explored the possibility of institutionalizing cooperatives in the Educational system.
The president of the Benguet State University has committed a site for the construction of a CDA-CAR office cum research, training and center for cooperative development. In 2020, before the appointment of Dr. Felipe S. Comila as BSU president, the CDA has always been searching for a government lot that would accommodate its office building. The search for lot only materialized when the BSU president saw the importance of maximizing the land use of BSU’s landholding rather than encroached by so-called “professional squatters.”

The site of the future CDA-CAR office and partnership of institutionalizing cooperatives in educational system is within the Baguio-La Trinidad-Sablan-Tuba (BLIST) development area.  The site provided by the Benguet State University is strategically located and situated for easier access both to external and internal clients of CDA-CAR. The Lot and building is under a usufruct agreement where term is up to 25 years renewable.

Upon the gesture of the BSU president in accommodating the request of CDA-CAR, an ocular inspection and visit conducted. The visit and ocular appreciation was to

Atty. Franco G. Bawang Jr., CDA-CAR RD and Dr. Martin B. Manodon points to the site. The site begins from the pine tree up to the last post for an area of 300 sq. m..

ascertain the viability and advantages both to users and owners. Findings on the site are amiable location with good surrounding green environment and not to miss the importance of good restaurants around the area.



 Land survey of the 300 sq.m. to segregate the lot for the CDA-CAR office under a usufruct agreement.

It will be an array of business establishments and offices within a forest. Across the road are the famous  Marosan’s  and Susan’s restaurants that would just be adjacent to the CDA-CAR’s future office site. Land survey is underway for the determination of a 300 sq.m. lot provided by BSU through a usufruct agreement. Martin B. Manodon, Sr. CDS, CRITS