On October 30, 2019, at least 90 participants from CDA Central and Extension Office, state universities and colleges (SUCs), national government agencies, cooperative sector and private organizations coming from different regions and 120 students from PUP attended the forum with a theme “Co-ops Raising the Bar on Research and Development in the I.R 4.0”, held at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Bulwagang Balagtas, Sta. Mesa, Manila.

The CDA and PUP organized the forum and launching to drumbeat and increase awareness of the cooperatives and cooperative development stakeholders including the academe on the demand for research studies on co-operatives in country, as such, a number of research and case studies on cooperatives were presented and showcased during the Forum.

The following are the researches and case studies presented:

  • A Case Study of A Century Co-operative: Factors for Sustainability

By: Prof. Bienvenido P. Nito, University of Asia and the Pacific

  • The Relevance and Responsiveness of the Cooperative Education and Trainings to Cooperative Officers’ Performance and Productivity in the National Capital Region

By: Prof. Rebecca C. Palma, Chief, Quality Assurance Center, PUP PRESENTATION of SPEAKERS\The Relevance and Responsiveness of the Cooperative Education and Trainings.pdf

  • Searching for DAGYAW: Locating Co-op Values in C0CD

By: Associate Prof. Rimando E. Felicia, Chief, CPPACDS, PUP PRESENTATION of SPEAKERS\Searching for Dagyaw Locating Co-op Values in C0CD.pdf

  • Development of Performance Models and Capacity Building Framework for Micro and Small Multipurpose Co-operatives in Ilocos Norte, Philippines

By: Prof. Errol John V. Valdez, PhD, Faculty, Mariano Marcos State University PRESENTATION of SPEAKERS\Development of Performance Models and Capacity Building Framework for Micro and Small Multipurpose.pdf

  • Increasing the Capacity of the Cooperative Development Authority for Sustainable Growth of Co-operatives in The Philippines

By: Executive Director Ray. R. Elevazo, CDA PRESENTATION of SPEAKERS\Increasing the Capacity of the CDA for Sustainable Growth of Co-operatives in The Philippines.pdf

  • The Theory and Praxis of Workers Co-operatives as Models of the Social Economy as Paradigm for Capital Innovation

By: Prof. Hilda F. San Gabriel, Chairperson, Department of Cooperatives and Social Development, PUP

CDA Director II Pedro T. Defensor, Jr. also walked through the audience on how the CDA and the PUP came up with the National Forum.

The unveiling of the Call for Papers on Studies in Co-operatives with 5 thematic topics: Human Development and Sustainability; Social and Cultural; Economic and Environment; Digital Technology and Innovation; and Good Governance and Transformative Leadership highlighted the event.

CDA Chairperson Orlando R. Ravanera, CDA Board of Administrators Benjie S. Oliva and Dr. Nicolas T. Mallari, Dean, PUP were present in the forum to share their motivating message to the participants. CDA Deputy Executive Director Giovanni T. Platero delivered his closing message with the proverbial adage “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begin Within a First Step” with the hope that collaboration with the participants doesn’t stop in the forum rather the beginning.  (Khamima M. Mama)